I am a Writer/Poet who sometimes actually gets her act together enough to publish stuff. The most relevant ‘stuff’ I have published is the series of books which began many years back with “Dig It! Gardening Tips for Dogs”. This  humorous  little book, with illustrations, is the most published of my self-published books, and I enjoy sharing it with others so much than I have written another book, with the same co-author (Buster the dog) and illustrator (Allyson Hean).

dig it coverpicThis new book will be the second in the Buster the Dog Series, and will be launched during the Gawler Festival of Words, happening from 29 to 31 July 2016. Once the book is launched, copies will be available by contacting me (kittycordo@gmail.com or 0418 806 490). Or if you are in South Australia head along to Gawler and visit my favourite hotel, the P/A Hotel (Prince Albert) – I have a poetry workshop there every Sunday, and my writing group (Adelaide Plains Poets) meets there every Thursday. It’s a great hotel – good food and coffee, and I’m told the alcoholic drinks are good too!

The new book is similar in style, but different in content. In the second book in the series “Doggone it! Mindfulness from a Dog’s Point of View”, Buster gets quite serious as he gets in touch with his inner self. I hope this also tickles people’s fancy and becomes a big seller, helping people to smile at life, and I hope to also gain a better understanding of mindfulness. The picture below is the cover of this new book.doggone it

I’ve begun thinking about the third book too, but this one won’t be out until next year. One of the images from Doggone It may become the cover image for this third book in the Buster Series, Exciting and Fun times! I’m loving my self-publishing adventures.


2 Responses to “My Writing Life”

  1. Does this seem like a good book to read? I hope so, it was good fun to write it, pretending to be a dog!


  2. I write blog posts (not often enough), I also write poetry, prose and fiction (flash fiction mostly, but there are a few partly written novels hiding amongst the documents on my computer and my phone. And in various journals/diaries/scrap bits of paper around the house and the inside of my car …
    I am much better at beginning things than I am at finishing them. I’m sure I’m not the only writer like this.


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