Pork is good.

I’ve been doing fun things today, contacting my members of parliament and getting action started to help the farmers and others in the pig industry to get through the silly stuff and things people are saying about eating pork and Swine Flu.

It is so stupid to think you can catch Swine Flu by eating a nice pork spare rib. You catch it by having someone who has the virus coughing it all over you, that’s how.

I nearly gave some silly woman a real tongue lashing at the supermarket the other day when she was going on about not eating pork again. Looking at the size of her, she looked like she was half pig herself, and if I was her dietician, I’d advise her to perhaps go for the lean chicken dishes, not pork.

Having said that though, you can certainly eat pork without stacking on the kilograms. It’s all in what you do with it, and what you have with it. I’d suggest you leave the crackling alone if you’re watching the calories, but a nice pork fillet, marinated and backed in the oven can be a delicious low fat choice.

Put some pork on your fork. Do it for the farmers!