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Rain and a Digging Dog

I heard today that Adelaide (the city I live near-ish to) has already had more rain than is average for the month of July. And I went and checked the rain gauge yesterday, and we’d had 18.5mm of rain in the past two days.

This, of course, is a good thing, but we also have a dog who loves to dig holes. In the back lawn. You can imagine what the backyard looks like. It looks like world war one.

And then of course, the dogs bring the mud into the house. Our house has never been a super tidy house, I am not a good housewife at all, at the moment it looks quite daggy. I’m just glad the dogs stick to lying down on their sofa and don’t put mud on the good sofa.

One day, probably when my husband retires, we might have a tidy house. He cares about tidiness. I don’t. He works full time, I work sort of part time. I don’t fill my empty hours with cleaning things. It doesn’t interest me.

I like cooking though. Cooking appeals to my creative needs in a way that vacuuming never ever will. I make lovely interesting muffins, but I don’t have a clean carpet. I can live with that, and fortunately my husband can too. I am a lucky person.

Anyway, the rain looks like it isn’t finishing yet, and I don’t leave the digging dog outside for too long unsupervised, so the backyard will stay as it is at the moment, no improvement, but it won’t get too much worse.

I can live with that!

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How many dogs inside?

It’s raining outside. It’s winter. This rain in winter stuff if how I remember winter being, back when I was a kid, and then up until a couple of years ago. That’s when the drought started.

Now the rain seems to be coming down like it should in winter, the crops all around the district are coming up, and when I look outside I see a host of golden soursobs.

Back to the subject of this post. I look around the room and I see a pharaoh hound and a shcnauzer in the crate, two pharaoh hounds on the old sofa. That means there are other dog/s not here. Better do something about that soon. The oldest dog is outside. She has the thickest though, so she should be OK.

The cold weather outside and the heater on inside means that inside is definitely the best place to be, according to my thinking, nd the thinking of the dogs too.

I’ve done some work outside today, but I don’t think I’ll be going very far outside again until tomorrow.Β  I feel very sorry for all all of the dogs who are not allowed inside when the weather turns to winter. I guess they grow thicker hair, and keep warm that way, but I like sharing our home with our dogs too.

They shed a bit sure, and they track mud into the house, but even so, I love having them in with us. They are loving and funny, and they make our house even more of a home.

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Cats and Dogs

It’s really weird, but I find myself writing more about cats than I write about dogs. I’m a dog person, not a cat person, but the sneaky creatures wind their way into my written words so much more than dogs do.

I’m registered breeder of purebred dogs, and dogs have been important to me for all of my life. I desperately wanted a dog as a kid, and once I’d hooked up with my now husband, the dog numbers started rising.

We had a cat too, but she didn’t like our first schnauzer, so she had to go. Emma was a beautiful cat, black with glowing yellow eyes. She went to live with my sister-in-law and lived on to be about 21.

I could never consider getting a cat now. We have too many dogs who love to chase things. It wouldn’t be fair to bring a cat into our household. Although, maybe a cat might get into the house when I’m too old for so many dogs. Maybe not.

I just don’t understand cats the way I understand dogs. Dogs do things for reasons that make sense to me. Cats just look enigmatic and do weird things I don’t understand. I think cats are probably planning how to take over the world. They have this look about them, like they have plans within plans within plans.

So what have I written about cats? Poetry , a short story , various comments on various forums and miscellaneous other stuff.

I still think they are trying to take over the world. Once they figure out hwo to do things that need a thumb to do, we’d better watch out!