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Cats and Dogs

It’s really weird, but I find myself writing more about cats than I write about dogs. I’m a dog person, not a cat person, but the sneaky creatures wind their way into my written words so much more than dogs do.

I’m registered breeder of purebred dogs, and dogs have been important to me for all of my life. I desperately wanted a dog as a kid, and once I’d hooked up with my now husband, the dog numbers started rising.

We had a cat too, but she didn’t like our first schnauzer, so she had to go. Emma was a beautiful cat, black with glowing yellow eyes. She went to live with my sister-in-law and lived on to be about 21.

I could never consider getting a cat now. We have too many dogs who love to chase things. It wouldn’t be fair to bring a cat into our household. Although, maybe a cat might get into the house when I’m too old for so many dogs. Maybe not.

I just don’t understand cats the way I understand dogs. Dogs do things for reasons that make sense to me. Cats just look enigmatic and do weird things I don’t understand. I think cats are probably planning how to take over the world. They have this look about them, like they have plans within plans within plans.

So what have I written about cats? Poetry , a short story , various comments on various forums and miscellaneous other stuff.

I still think they are trying to take over the world. Once they figure out hwo to do things that need a thumb to do, we’d better watch out!


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