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Rain and a Digging Dog

I heard today that Adelaide (the city I live near-ish to) has already had more rain than is average for the month of July. And I went and checked the rain gauge yesterday, and we’d had 18.5mm of rain in the past two days.

This, of course, is a good thing, but we also have a dog who loves to dig holes. In the back lawn. You can imagine what the backyard looks like. It looks like world war one.

And then of course, the dogs bring the mud into the house. Our house has never been a super tidy house, I am not a good housewife at all, at the moment it looks quite daggy. I’m just glad the dogs stick to lying down on their sofa and don’t put mud on the good sofa.

One day, probably when my husband retires, we might have a tidy house. He cares about tidiness. I don’t. He works full time, I work sort of part time. I don’t fill my empty hours with cleaning things. It doesn’t interest me.

I like cooking though. Cooking appeals to my creative needs in a way that vacuuming never ever will. I make lovely interesting muffins, but I don’t have a clean carpet. I can live with that, and fortunately my husband can too. I am a lucky person.

Anyway, the rain looks like it isn’t finishing yet, and I don’t leave the digging dog outside for too long unsupervised, so the backyard will stay as it is at the moment, no improvement, but it won’t get too much worse.

I can live with that!


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