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I’ve been playing with blogger and orble, now it’s time to give WordPress a proper go. I’m hoping to get organised really soon, and put lots of interesting dog related stuff on this blog.

Dogs and puppies are interesting to so many people, I’m bound to find someone who is interested in something I put on this blog. I’ll start with a ‘funny little story about the dog/cat interaction my oldest dog had today at the vet clinic.

Rangler (Aust Ch Holkschter Rangler Jane) had a vet appointment today, so we could get some more tablets for her epilespy. Rangler is thirteen and has only had epilepsy for a couple of months. She is doing well with the tablets, and is getting on fairly well for an old girl.

We arrived at the vet’s and weighed Rangler, then we sat down and waited. Rangler was shaking because she was nervous. Her hearing and eyesight aren’t as good as they used to be, and she hasn’t been to the vet very often. Rangler was interested, but, as I said, nervous.

Then, as casual as you like, over strolled the cat that lives at the clinic. The cat strolled over to Rangler, waved its tail in her face then walked around Rangler several times before strolling off again. Instant attention from Rangler, the nervous shakes all gone, and I could almost see Rangler smile and the cat smirk. It was beautiful.

Rangler’s wait was much happier and the vet was happy with her when he finally got to check her out. I’m pleased to say the vet is very happy with her heart, and he is sure Rangler will go on for many years longer.