strange summer

To anyone who doesn’t believe the current climate is unusual, I think you should think about it and reconsider. It’s halfway through the first month of summer, and the current temperature near my home in the Mallala district is about 20 degrees celsius, at just after 11am. We had 19mm of rain overnight, and rain is forecast for several days to come.

There have been flooding rains recently in various states of Australia, sometimes bigger floods than ever before. Overseas there have been recent devastating floods, with many hundreds of people missing or drowned. All of this has occurred in one year, 2011.

There have been good things happening too though, thanks to the weather. The crops in the Mallala district have done well, with rain happening as and when needed. This has been great, following on from periods of little rain in the previous years. Nature changes, and we all have to learn to change with it.

Following the changes, and understanding what is happening is vital. Climate change it here, it’s happening faster than ever before, and we must accept that and take action to help stop it or at least slow it down. Climate change deniers may become the most hated people in future years, when flooding kills thousands of people and causes many more thousands of people lose their homes due to rising sea levels.

I’m no scientist, but I’m a thinking person who reads of these things and worries nothing will be done soon enough to save lives. It’s time we all became advocates for our planet. Nature is doing its best, but we must step up and help!


16 thoughts on “strange summer

  1. Thanks so much Mike, it’s a great little song, and the comments from the presenter were spot on too. It’s good to see you here, I’m going to post to this blog a lot more now that I’ve been taken to task by John Malone, who is a more consistent blogger than I’ve been.


      • That’s excellent Mike! The poems are slowly making their way to me. I have only one each for the junior sections, so it will be interesting to see whether any more come in. In all of the years I’ve been involved in this, we always receive more poems for the adult section, and that’s what we’ve got so far again.
        I love it when the postie brings me more poems to read and place with the other entries!


      • I usually leave my entries until the last minute – need all the time I can get to work on them. Do you use an external judge?

        I’ll try to encourage my 16 year old son to do an entry, but not holding my breath.


  2. Tell your son I’m desperate for more poems from students, to make it fair to the judge, one poem only isn’t much of a competition.
    Adelaide Plains Poets have always used an outside judge, always a poet from South Australia. The judge doesn’t know who writes the poem until after the judging is finished.
    Winners will be announced at the March Gawler Poets at the Pub.


  3. johnlmalone says:

    yes. it has been a strange summer so far. I just got back from Brisbane a few dAYS AGO and they had an abnormally cool week by their standards


    • Well. some people say the weather is always changeable, but I think it’s changing far more rapidly than usual. I hope the climate change deniers shut up soon, so we can all begin helping to change our damaging habits.


  4. Way to Go Carolyn! We DO need to pay attention and do our part. I sometimes think that global warming is Mother Earths white blood cells setting out to rid her of parasites: us. We are fouling our nest. Way to call it out!

    Thank you for posting. XXXOOO Jen


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