January 2012, a Month of Poetry

I’m telling you right here and right now that next month is going to see a dramatic increase in my creation of poetry. I’ve committed to the writing of at least one new poem for the month of January in 2012.

This isn’t just all on my own, this is with a lovely lady Kathryn Apel, from Queensland Australia. Kathryn has opened up her world and a website to poets to meet up and commit to writing a poem a day in January.

I have another writing project I want to do next year as well, and I’m expecting January will get me on track and well into writing mode. I’ll be posting some of my poems to http://carolyn-poeticpause.blogspot.com/


5 thoughts on “January 2012, a Month of Poetry

  1. I thank Jen or Step On a Crack for giving me the Candle Lighter Award. I have followed through with Jen as she has been through her mother’s final days. A challenging journey, and one Jen has acccomplished with love, joy, and pain. Jen is a special person, and I am so privileged to have shared the journey and this time with her.


  2. johnlmalone says:

    it’s a worthy task; keep us posted on the results; I’ve made a similar one as you know from my blog ‘my year of living dangerously’ but have modified it to make it realisable: to produce one short story per fortnight: that’s still 26 for the year [ one a week was too unrealistic ]


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