Facebook distractions, Month of Poetry

I was going to write something about my Month of Poetry on this blog post. I might still do that, but I popped in on Facebook first, and saw that a particular organisation had just become Facebook friends with someone using a quite strange and confronting name.

That led me to think about why a person would use a name that indicates they’re involved in things that are illegal. I’m not going to reveal the actual name, but it’s something akin to me using a name such as, let’s say GrievingΒ Paedophile. That’s not the actual name, but my reaction to the name is similar to the one I’ve used in my example. It made me wonder a little about them which may have been their intention, but it also made me not want to know them at all.

Why would someone go to such an extreme to be offensive, I wonder? The organisation in question obviously didn’t have such an extreme reaction as I’ve had. I wonder whether they’re going to have a fruitful relationship…

Have said all of that, I’ll now talk about my Month of Poetry so far. I’m proud to say it’s going well, in terms of actually writing at least one new poem every day of January. Some of the poems I’ve written have been pretty good, in my opinion and in the opinion of others. Some of them have been so-so at best and lame at worst.

I’ve posted some of the poems I’ve written this month on my Poetry blog, Poetic Pause. Come along for a look at it and a read if you like. There are also details of a Poetry Competition I’m involved in, for Australians only I’m afraid. Come on Aussie poets, have a look and give it a go, but be quick, entries close on 27 January!

That doesn’t matter though. My purpose for getting involved in the Month of Poetry 2012 was to get into the habit of writing something new whenever I wanted to. So, getting at least one poem written written has shown me that I don’t need to have my Muse sitting alongside of me to get the words down. This further means that when I begin my next big writing project, I should get it moving along well. This is a very good thing!

I’m still not saying what that project is going to be, but I’m looking forward to it happening, probably with a start by April this year. In the meantime, I’ll continue writing my one new poem or more every day. I have at least two poems written this month that I like enough to consider reading them at the Gawler Poetry Reading on 29 January at the Prince Albert Hotel.

If you’re anywhere near Gawler on that day, come along for a great Poetry afternoon!




My Month of Poetry Progress Report

If you can’t be proud of yourself every now and then, what does that mean? Does it mean you’re living your life in a way that doesn’t connect with the real ‘you’? I suspect that is indeed what it means, for me, anyway. I can’t claim to know anyone else’s life, but I’m working hard at understanding my own.

So, that’s why I’m writing this blog post. It’s partly in response to a comment on my previous blog post, but it’s also something I wanted to write anyway. I’m proud to say that I’m doing well with my Month of Poetry challenge. Doing well doesn’t necessarily mean I’m producing a work of poetic art with every poem I write and post to the Month of Poetry website.

Doing well simply means that I have been able to write and post a new poem every single day of January 2012. On some days I’ve been able to write more than one poem, woo hoo!Β This is far more poems than I have previously been able to write.

The main reason I decided to undergo this challenge wasn’t so I would be creating a wonderful poem every day, even though I’m happy with some of the poems I’ve written. The main reason I began this challenge was to prove to myself that I was capable of meeting the challenge of writing something every single day. If I am to meet my next challenge, I needed to be able to do this extended writing.

I’ll wait and see whether I can stick it out for the rest of January. Judging by how I’m going so far, it should continue to go well. Anyway, if you’re interested in reading more about this Month of Writing challenge, I’ve posted some of the poems I’ve written this month on my Poetry Blog here, feel free to have a look, read and comment!

On the Poetic Pause blog, there are details of a current poetry competition too, read about it all, and if you live in Australia, why not enter the competition? It won’t cost much, and the prizes are great!