A Catch up for my Readers

It’s been quite some time since I was here, but the vagaries of the mysterious and sometimes churlish online gods have meant I feel I need to use this particular blog.

By this, I’m referring to my difficulties with logging in to and posting responses with my Blogger Blog. Some of the readers of my blogs have problems posting comments too, but I hope if I use this WordPress blog, all can find my work to read and then leave comments here if Blogger (Blogsppot) won’t let them leave comments there.

It’s all very annoying, but I’m sure if I was as clever as almost any teenager, it would all be super simple. I’m well past that age though, so I have to sneak around with these maze-like wanderings to get my word out, and to let you get your word out too.

I’ve been working hard on poetry for the past few weeks. I have a poetry mentor who’s helping me to write my verse memoir regarding my new life with MS (multiple sclerosis). It’s going along well, and this week she said she didn’t think I needed her assistance. I had to disagree with her on this – I need her there, waiting for something new from my manuscript. 

I know myself too well to think I could get the first draft done within the 6 month deadline we’ve worked out. I’m a terrible procrastinator, with Facebook often stealing hours in a day with me barely knowing where the time’s going.

I’ve been blogging about this writing project, not on WordPress, but on one of my Blogger blogs. If you’re interested in knowing more about this, go along here to read about it. You’ll also find the entry form and guidelines for the Poetry Competition I’m running again this year. It’s open only to Australians, so if you’re not from my beloved country, I’m sorry, you can’t enter.




9 thoughts on “A Catch up for my Readers

  1. johnlmalone says:

    it’ good to see you’ve put up a new blog Carolyn and it’s pleasing that I’m the first person to respond. Glad the memoir is coming along fine. It’ll be good when you can share a bit with us, if only as a teaser for the full product


  2. johnlmalone says:

    I had another look just then: an amazing smile .

    what I meant earlier was that it’s a good idea to get a few extracts from the memoir published in places that are not specifically for an ms readership; going by the quality of poems from the previous collection you can sure do tha


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