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Listening instead of watching the Tintin movie

I’m marvelling at it when I actually take a look at it. The TV is to the right of my computer screen. The graphics are truly impressive. I love the dog Snowy, such a plucky little terrier, every boy hero should have such a dog.

Today’s been an interesting kind of day – too hot for me to go outside much, just sat by the pool for a little while with my feet and lower legs in the cold water (Hubby Graham helped me). Then back inside again for a little more tweaking of my poetry. The dogs have all had a day inside too, most of the time.

I’ve been working on poems based on themes – the end result, if my poems are chosen, will be put together in an anthology – it’s an interesting project and I’m happy to be taking part in it. Graham and Jake went together to the knife show today, and Graham brought home some fine pieces – truly beautiful works of the knife making art!

I’ve spent a lot of time on Facebook too, of course, with Graham out, the computer becomes all mine again! Oh, I did a couple of housewifey type things too. I put away the dishes, and I also put away all of the clothes we washed and hung out yesterday. That’s enough for me, I’m not good at this housework stuff!

And now, a last look at Facebook and Twitter, and then I’ll turn the computer off!


4 thoughts on “Listening instead of watching the Tintin movie

  1. johnlmalone says:

    oh Carolyn: the Tintin movie is actually a treat; I’ve watched parts of it three times. I do suggest you check it out. Steven Spielberg had done a terrific job of compressing five or more Tintin adventures into a 90 minute movie


  2. Next time it’s on, I’ll switch off the computer and pay attention to the movie. I think it deserves that much respect from me.
    I went to the latest James Bond movie last weekend – very enjoyable, with the way it winked back at the past.


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