No, our dogs are definitely omnivores! Most people would say dogs are meat eaters predominately, and that may be so if they’re living in the wild. Although, having written that, I’m aware that dogs in the wild eat most of a east, including its stomach and contents, so there’d be some vegetation there.

I’m not talking about dogs in the wild though, I’m talking about the dogs that form part of our family. We have four dogs now, one Schnauzer and three Pharaoh Hounds. All of the dogs get excited when someone is in the kitchen, chopping up vegetables for our dinner.

They know that it Graham is the one doing the chopping, they’ll get lots of vegetable bits. If I’m the one doing the chopping the dogs hope they’ll get some. It’s probably an even money bet for them… Mushrooms are the dog’s favourite veggie snack, but they like most of them, carrots, capsicum, potatoes, sweet potatoes and spinach.

Our dogs also eat dry dog food, and sometimes get lucky and get a little raw meat. The dog food contains grain, and other additives, including vegetables too. So, overall, our dogs, and quite possibly lots of pet dogs eat a diet that is more like a human diet, than a wolf or wild dog’s diet.

It’s hard to know if this is best for dogs, but certainly domestic dogs often live long and healthy lives, so living with humans, in Western society, probably has been good for dogs, in terms of length of life. In terms of overall health too – with pet insurance, and disposable income of certainly Australian dog owners, dogs usuall receive good veterinary care (and yummy veggies)!

If you have thoughts about this, I’d love to read your comments!


8 thoughts on “Carnivores?

  1. johnlmalone says:

    your dogs eat very well indeed, Carolyn: a well balanced diet and should lead long, productive lives — as long as they are not over fed 🙂


  2. They’re not over fed John, I keep a good look out for that. I know the down side of being overweight for a dog. I was trained in these things some years ago, when I was briefly a pet nutritionist for one of the pet food companies. If I can get the dogs off the sofa and outside, they run around quite a bit, well the Pharaoh Hounds do any way. The Schnauzer is an older girl, much more sedate, but still not overweight.


  3. The schnauzer is Nena, she’s our oldest dog, and our most obedient. This is mostly because it’s in the nature of a schnauzer to want to do what you want them to do. Our oldest pharaoh hound is Ananka. She’s a nasty truly bitchy bitch, and not my favourite dog, by a long shot. The other two dogs are both pharaoh hounds, offspring of Ananka’s. The oldest of them is Lah Dee (pronounced Lar dee – his show name is Holkschter Lah Dee Dah). He’s a fun dog, slightly obedient, as long as there’s nothing to chase. He’s a serial hold digger and rarely gets left out in the back yard without a human making sure he doesn’t make another tunnel to China.
    His little sister is Missy (Holkschter Kiss Me Quick). She’s the sweetest creature imaginable, and I love her to bits. She loves to chase things too, but doesn’t dig holes. Missy has an auto immune disease issue – Canine Dry Eye, which means she doesn’t shed tears and I have to wipe gunk out of her eyes regularly.
    All of our dogs have been show dogs, but we saw the light, and now our dogs are all pets/guards, sleeping on the sofa during the day, with brief forays outside for toileting and snake detection duties! The pharaoh hounds have killed various creatures out there in the back yard. The idea of them going for snakes scares me, but so far, the snakes have been the losers.


  4. thanks Carolyn; now whenever you mention the dogs or a specific dog I have a picture in my mind. I’vde made a comment about this under my magician blog which might interest you and which your comment above has sparked


  5. Thanks John, I’ve left a comment on your blog about the ‘naming’ issue. I haven’t named our fish, but I call the big black spider by our clock, just across from our dining table, ‘Spidey’.
    I doubt Graham or Jake would bother giving the spider a name, and if Spidey ventures down with easy reach, Graham may well call him ‘dead’. I don’t think Spidey is a dangerous spider, but then I don’t know all that much about spiders, except there are lots and lots of different types, with not many of them being venomous.
    If you know any spider experts, please send one my way, I’d be interested to know more about what kind of spider Spider might actually be.


  6. johnlmalone says:

    we have had three dogs and they all lived long, healthy lives though one had to be put down at the age of fourteen, not bad for a labrador


  7. 14 years of age, that’s a good effort for that breed. Did you manage to keep the lab’s weight down. John. Labradors are well know for being greedy dogs, and being overweight is certainly a factor in early deaths for dogs, cats, people, and I’m sure many other domestic creatures.


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