No, our dogs are definitely omnivores! Most people would say dogs are meat eaters predominately, and that may be so if they’re living in the wild. Although, having written that, I’m aware that dogs in the wild eat most of a east, including its stomach and contents, so there’d be some vegetation there.

I’m not talking about dogs in the wild though, I’m talking about the dogs that form part of our family. We have four dogs now, one Schnauzer and three Pharaoh Hounds. All of the dogs get excited when someone is in the kitchen, chopping up vegetables for our dinner.

They know that it Graham is the one doing the chopping, they’ll get lots of vegetable bits. If I’m the one doing the chopping the dogs hope they’ll get some. It’s probably an even money bet for them… Mushrooms are the dog’s favourite veggie snack, but they like most of them, carrots, capsicum, potatoes, sweet potatoes and spinach.

Our dogs also eat dry dog food, and sometimes get lucky and get a little raw meat. The dog food contains grain, and other additives, including vegetables too. So, overall, our dogs, and quite possibly lots of pet dogs eat a diet that is more like a human diet, than a wolf or wild dog’s diet.

It’s hard to know if this is best for dogs, but certainly domestic dogs often live long and healthy lives, so living with humans, in Western society, probably has been good for dogs, in terms of length of life. In terms of overall health too – with pet insurance, and disposable income of certainly Australian dog owners, dogs usuall receive good veterinary care (and yummy veggies)!

If you have thoughts about this, I’d love to read your comments!