Poem for Day 2 of NaWriPoMo

I’ve just read the poem one of my dear poet friends posted for this poetry venture. On reading Colleen’s fine poem, I’m cringing about my effort. But it’s a challenge to write a poem every day in April, there’s  no requirement the poem has to be wonderful!

So here goes:


Wanting to write a poem,

with theme already chosen.

What will happen?

What will it mean?


Gina provokes thought

and emotion,

Gina promotes own

best interests


Go Gina, go

as far away as you can,

we don’t want to follow

where you may lead us.


You’ve followed the money,

your dreams of the outback

are a nightmare

to me.



4 thoughts on “Poem for Day 2 of NaWriPoMo

  1. johnlmalone says:

    I was trying to avoid commenting on this poem, Carolyn: it doesn’t quite work for me . it’s a fine ending but the rest of the poem isn;t as strong


    • Thanks for your response, John. The beginning to the poem was written weeks ago, it was a brief random line, I can’t even remember why I wrote it. If I’d had time, I may have edited the poem more, but this month is all about getting a new poem written and posted every single day.
      I’ll go back and look at all of the poems when April is over, perhaps, or when I have some time to spare. This month hasn’t had a lot of ‘time to spare’ so far.
      I like the final stanza of this poem.


  2. johnlmalone says:

    good reasoning, Carolyn; when the rush is over go back in restfulness and consider which poems are worth working on


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