Poem for Day 3 of NaWriPoMo

Another day, another poem. Quality? Not necessarily, I’m aiming and quantity – one new poem every day in April, quality is irrelevant (it may happen though, but maybe not yet.




Political debate stifled,

ideas die unborn,

never to grow into

actions undertaken,

good works completed,

or awards given, with thanks.

ideas and new thoughts

cease, apathy deadens

zest for life as.

your remaining time 

becomes a chore

you must complete 

not a celebration

to revel in.


Anyone got any ides for a possible title for this one? ideas embraced joyfully!


4 thoughts on “Poem for Day 3 of NaWriPoMo

  1. Apathy? yeah, I guess that sounds OK. I might not bother giving it a title at all, I can’t be bothered doing anything more about it…

    Sorry, Colleen, I should say, Yes! that’s a great title – I think I’ll use it, it fits nicely – well done and thank you!.


  2. Interesting comment John. Having read you comment, and on reading the poem a couple of more times, I can certainly see some dead wood that could/should be pruned. I’ll certainly bear this in mind at the end of the month. Thank you.


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