Inspirational Wii Fit Plus! NaWriPoMo Day 6

Our Wii Fit Plus machine inspires me and wears me out. It’s also too, too easy to ignore. I’ve committed to some things for April, and one of them is to do Wii Fit exercises every day. I post info about what I’ve done on my Facebook page, and a friend is keeping an eye on it to make sure I don’t forget! 

The other thing I’ve committed to for April is to write a new poem every single day. I’m posting these poems to this blog (well that what’s supposed to happen). So this morning I did my Wii Fit exercises and then wrote my poem for the day.

Today’s poem was inspired by something I read in a wonderfully inspiring, thoughtful and clever poetry book I own. The title of the book is Creating Poetry, written by John Drury. If you’re interested in writing poetry, I strongly suggest you get yourself a copy of this wonderful book and work your way through it!

Anyway, today’s poem was triggered by reading an idea for writing a poem that stars with the words ‘I saw’. I took this idea, and included all five senses – see hear smell touch taste – and wrote a poem in five stanzas, using each sense as it relates to my experiences with the Wii fit machine. This is how it looks:


Wii Fit Senses


I switch it on

and there’s the machine,

on TV screen in front of me –

Colour and cuteness combined.


It tells me things

in its perky voice

with pings and pops

to get me moving.


Toiletry scents, sweetly cover

other odours, not so nice

bathroom and dunny

both close by.


Touching skin – exercised,

enlivened, awakened.

Muscles on fire

and ready for action.


Tongue to wide-awake skin

brings sea flavour

to me and I drift along,

in work out’s salty afterglow.




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