OK, so on the day before I turn fifty, and presumably becoming a grown up person, I am caught out, publicly, shown to be childish and/or incompetent. Or perhaps that’s going a little too far. I’m certainly feeling a little chastened and humble. 

All is not lost, apologies have been given, and I hope accepted. I know I have failed to live up to expectations, mine and those of others. And the day has led to this poem, and anything that leads to a new poem can’t be all that bad, can it?



Naked humanity


Flippant comments, intended to amuse

flop and fail, irritating instead.

Tasks taken on, but left undone,

annoying some who expected more.


Criticism heard, thought over, considered,

accepted, and apology given.

My humanity is there before you,

naked, needy and asking for forgiveness.