Another new day, another new poem!

This NaPoWriMo thing is going along beautifully well now! New poems are jumping out at me, and I’m loving what they’re turning into. This poem, anyway!

I was at my favourite library today, sipping coffee, and glancing at one of the books I was going to borrow. I feel that having a great cafe right in the library is a fine idea!

This is the poem I wrote, after some editing at various times on the way home and since arriving home. This may or may not be the final version – feedback gratefully considered!


At Tea Tree Gully library


Seated comfortably, with book

and coffee, sipped at

and savoured.


Child nearby tries out

their voice, and coffee-making 

turns up another notch.


Borrowers wander the shelves,

wondering at the range of ideas

spread out before them.


Voices and books are exchanged,

words the currency

that never loses its value . . .




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