NaPoWriMo 14

I decided what my poem for today would be about, when I tried on my old pair of jeans. Just because the truth hurts a little, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t write about it.

So here it is, my new poem for today, in need of a title, if anyone can think of something I could consider . . .


They used to fit me,

these size 10 jeans,

they used to fit me well,

covered my bits and pieces,

and did up the way they should.

That was then though,

and this is now.

That was before I crossed

the border, from younger

than fifty, to not younger

than fifty. From forty-something

and fabulous, to fifty

and just kidding myself.

My size 12 jeans still fit me,

maybe even a little loose,

definitely not too tight.

And I’m proud now to say

I’m fabulous and fifty,

and those size 10 jeans

may do well for me again,

sometime – I’m working on it!


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