I had a doctors appointment this morning, but fortunately, I had my handy little iPhone with me, and I didn’t get bored. This little phone thing has a very handy note thing, and I can write a poem there, then send it home to my computer via email and then edit it further and cut and paste it here, on my blog. 

Technology is wonderful, and If I get into trouble, my son Jake will help me out, if I ask very nicely.

My doctor and Lyn from behind the counter both want me to send a copy of this poem to them. I’ll probably print it out in a nice big font so people can read it easily, when it’s bee stuck up on the wall.




Radio and real people’s chat

combine and make doctor’s

waiting room buzz with activity,

even for those waiting,

who have been there, waiting,

for quite some time.

Doctor time expands and contracts

the way muscles do,

and the work is done,

eventually, clinically well.

Patient’s patience rewarded

with time and attention

medically applied.