My poem for yesterday

This poem was written yesterday, but I didn’t have time or the ability to post it here then. So this morning, here it is.

This rhyming poem is based on something called a paraprosdokian. Click on the link to find more about this odd term. Apparently Winston Churchill was fond of these quirky things. My main writing groups have had some fun with paraprosdokians in the past week or so. People visiting this blog may feel like having a go at using them as creative writing prompts.

This poem isn’t my best ever poem, by a long shot, and if I liked it more I might do more work on it, but I’m happy having just written a poem for the day, and leave it at that. Another piece of creative writing I’ve done is one I’m much more excited about – it’s a short short story (under 1,000 words) and I’m hoping I can get it published somewhere soon. I feel it’s the best short story I’ve written for some time.

Anyway, here’s my poem for 18 April, I’ll be writing a new poem for today and posting it on this blog later today.



“Where there’s a will, there’s a relative.”


When my Aunt delores died, the vultures all flew in,

mouths flapping cruelly and badly tempered.

Speaking ill of the dead, was not for them a sin –

the rumours they all squawked were dire.

These uncles and aunts, dressed in black and publicly mourning,

they denounced my aunt delly, who I’d dearly loved.

They said their words should be my warning

a warning of what, they never said.

But they hung around, examining goods my aunt had left,

calculating worth and who’d get what,

I was the only one who felt bereft,

all I wanted was my aunty back.

But when the will was read, telling us who got what

and detailing the wishes of my Aunty Dell,

it turned out I would get the lot!


4 thoughts on “My poem for yesterday

  1. This isn’t a true story as such, but I’ve certainly seen and heard of some ugly relations going on ‘mourners’. I certainly don’t have a dead aunt Delores,
    With this poem, I should have made more use of the metaphor of the so-called mourners as vultures. I really need to use metaphor more, and the vulture one is a great one for this situation, I feel.


  2. johnlmalone says:

    a fascinating poem: i would have liked it to be true but it does illustrate the avaricious relatives who speak ill of the dead yet want to be included in the spoils. I too have a story similar to this. perhaps every family does. It’s these human interest stories that have wide appeal.

    hope to see your short story sometime; I am roughly half way through mine and its already 1000 words so I’m looking at roughly 2999. hopw to finish it this arvo if I can keep it free


  3. Thanks John. My most recent short story written is less than 1000 words, and it’s a beauty. Today I will send it somewhere online. I’ll do some research on the best spot for it.
    My father in law died not that long after he’d decided marrying his second wife was a mistake. He died after deciding to see about getting a divorce, after moving back to the family home that Graham was living in. This wife was onto his stuff in a flash when he died, taking things that perhaps she shouldn’t have.
    My lovely sister-in-law was trying to do the right thing by the family, and was getting terribly stressed out about the whole thing.


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