National Poetry Month, Day 19

This poem was thought about yesterday, which was day 19 of the month of poetry. I took the photo the day before yesterday, which was after the early morning arson attack on Balaklava High School. This was my son’s school, and it hurts me that someone would do this. It hurts so many people, this mindless stupidity.


School Holidays

The school stinks of stupidity

darkened remnants of one building

and the drama block

with blackened  signs

of this night-time


Why burn a demolished building?

Why burn anything like this?


Did the arsonist

enjoy this dramatic interlude?

The school community didn’t.


4 thoughts on “National Poetry Month, Day 19

  1. johnlmalone says:

    not your bewst work, Carolyn, as you’d be the first to admit — but Hey! I’m assuming things here —- but it does express an opinion and it does tackle a relevant social issue


    • After hearing about this fire, and being in the town, I went along to see the damage. I spoke various people there, and all agreed this was stupid, and that the school community had been hurt by the arson attack.


  2. eminem says:

    I was disapointed when I heard about the fire at Balaklava High School, that school is the best I have been to and no school deserves to be destroyed like Balaklava. Some people don’t have another thing better to do those days, they don’t think before they do something their going to regret it’s just not right. It was just stupid that someone did this to the school, it’s not fair.


  3. No, it’s certainly not fair. School holidays, maybe they should be banned. Was the person who did this getting bored because of the school holidays, rather than being busy with school?
    Just joking really, but I wonder …
    Thanks for your comments.


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