Poem for today, Day 20

This poem came to me as I sat at the computer, with a TV program talking about Tasmania and aboriginal people. A terrible tragedy. The poem begins with thoughts about what was happening outside, and how it connected with me, inside. 

Then the words from the television hit me and the poem switched around, but then the galahs helped me to find an end.


Aboriginal justice


Sunshine streams in through the window

birdsong and the roar of a car

are there with me

tinkling wind chime

and water’s reflection

both catch my attention

and take me away

from TV’s sad story.


People and government being bad

in the name of doing good

all those years ago –

I’m left with a bad taste in my mind

and a hole in my gut

where my compassion

has leaked out, uselessly

too late, too bloody late.


The raucous cries of the flocking galahs

take my attention back outside

where Nature’s laws

are much easier to understand.


2 thoughts on “Poem for today, Day 20

  1. johnlmalone says:

    a very ordinary poem rescued by a strong last stanza. I think the problem lies in that the situation is not shown but simply told: what specific problem are you alluding to? I know there is a preface but I’m of the old school in that I believe a poem like a good song should be independent: it should not need anything to explain it ; what do you think? aCTUALLY on a reread I’m struck by the power of the last two lines


    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts about this poem. I was sitting at the computer while a TV program went on without me paying much attention to it. It was all about the terrible deaths of aboriginal people in Tasmania, when the island was taken over by white people, and afterwards. I should do some proper research on the whole sad story and show the awfulness of it, to strengthen this poem. And strengthen my own knowledge of the tragedy.
      I’m so glad I have the galahs to remind my of the beauty and fun that still exists in the world.


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