NaPoWriMo Day 23

This is a subject that has been on my mind (and my neck) ever since it arrived. The poem is not to be taken as a fully formed opinion. It’s merely a bit of idle thinking about deeper issues. Or deeper thinking about idle issues. Or both… Or perhaps a load of twaddle.


On thinking about my body’s bad behaviour, and about Pinocchio’s lies

Does the human body decide to punish you

for your so-called bad behaviour?

When you shovel junk down your gob,

do you deserve that flabby gut?


I’d say yes to both, and try my best

to be gentle to my outer self.

I exercise, and try to consume

food I know is good.


My body though, is being bad

and attacking bits of me –

this disease I have is what can happen

when bits get their wires crossed.


The problem is medically being controlled,

and the damage is being mended.

But now another bit’s gone wrong

and causing an unsightly growth.


Is my body angry at my naughty ways,

when I eat that chocolate or those chips?

The growth on my neck might be equal to

Pinocchio’s lying nose –


growing longer and larger, every time

I opt for taste and not nutrition.

It’s on my neck and getting longer

as I dine out every week.


Doctor said the growth will fall off –

skin tags do and I hope he’s right.

My long hair hides the offending growth,

but now my hair’s falling out too!


8 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo Day 23

  1. Very entertaining poem!

    If I saw it I could identify it and recommend appropriate treatment, or you could just cut it off if it bothers you.

    Papilloma, fibroma, lipoma, etc ??


  2. My doctor has seen it and he wasn’t concerned about it – he said it will drop off soon. I’m not sure exactly what his definition of ‘soon’ is. I think the next time I need to see him about something, I’ll talk to him about getting rid of it, if it hasn’t fallen off.
    It’s been useful as the theme to write the poem for yesterday. It looks yuck though.


  3. johnlmalone says:

    ummm this is a new one. I thought it was a made up growth but apparentluy not. I hope it does just fall off and is not too noticeable. I’m familiar with hair falling out 🙂 I like the analogy with Pinocchio. It’s very clever. I’ve used it in my poem ‘How The Pelican Got His Bill’ which you’ve probably read


  4. Thank you John. I began thinking about Pinocchio when I was wondering about the poem for this day – it seemed obvious that my unwanted growth must be because of some failing or other I had. 😀

    Of course I don’t really mean that. These unwanted things just happen, no reason, no blame. I hope…


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