NaPoWriMo Day 25

I’m currently sitting on my computer chair, at my computer, while ANZAC Day is commemorated on the TV screen to my right. I hadn’t know what my poem would be about this day,nor what style of poetry it would be, but as my thoughts about ANZAC day coalesced in my head, two lines came to me.

I wrote down those lines, and then looked at my notes about the Triolet, because I felt that would be a suitable style for the poem I wanted to write today. The Triolet is a poetic style that is short and has only two different rhymes. It’s a simple style, one that repeats the first two lines in a certain way, as my poem will show.

I hope others who read this poem will think about what I am trying to say, and offer their own thoughts about this important day in Australia and New Zealand. No matter what one thinks about war, surely we can look kindly on those who have fought for their country, our country . . .


Anzac day thoughts


Invisible burdens carried, as diggers fought

with their peacetime lives at the end of the war.

Private anguish and pains, not healing as they ought,

invisible burdens carried as diggers fought.

Help not there or not ever sought

to assist the ones we’re thankful for . . .

Invisible burdens carried as diggers fought

with their peacetime lives at the end of the war.


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