NaPoWriMo Day 26 A Poem a Day Keeps the Doctor Away!

So, the day after ANZAC Day, and it was market day for me today. I used to be the person who travelled to the Adelaide Central Market once a week to buy our fruit and vegetables and other goodies. Then multiple scleroisis came along, I got to weak and tired, and Graham took over the task, doing it after work instead.

This was OK, but certainly not ideal. Fortunately, retirement came Graham’s way, and the visit to Adelaide fits in beautifully well for Graham. Usually I go and see my Mum on the day Graham heads off to the Central Market. Today was different.

I’d gone to Mum’s place on Wednesday instead of the usual Thursday or Friday, so I was free to visit the Central Market with Graham. We went along, with Graham heading off with our shopping trolley. I went and said hi to Rebecca, from the Mushroom Shop, and then went for a coffee.

While I was having my coffee, I got our my mobile phone and penned a poem, based on my thoughts about the market on the day. It may not be my best ever poem, but it reminds me of the place, the glorious bustling nature of the place.

Compared to my usual day, the trip to the Central Market was like an invigorating fresh wind, blowing staleness away! So this is my poem – all comments on it gratefully accepted!


So many people rushing past

pushing past headed

for who knows what

city people busy people

looking buying selling

doing deals

things to see

to taste

to smell

I hear voices

languages words

connections made

money handed over


goods received

conversations overheard

puzzled over

entered into

new ideas and thoughts

Nnw sensations

new horizons

thank you central market

you give me

people and life


2 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo Day 26 A Poem a Day Keeps the Doctor Away!

  1. Thank you Colleen. I actually wrote this poem as 8 stanzas, each with 3 lines. I think this format (which surprised me when I just looked at the poem again), suits the poem more.
    The version with stanzas is a more laid back version of the poem, but this format suits the words and the feeling more.
    I don’t know why WordPress puts its own format on the poems I post here. It’s OK in this case, but other times I’ve had to go back and adjust things to go back to how they are supposed to be…


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