On the drive to the Tea Tree Gully library, Graham and I were interested to see so much dust. It’s quite windy out there today, and there hasn’t been rain for too many days. We were driving past untilled paddocks, that seemed to be losing their top soil to the wind. Very dusty.

So I was thinking about that when I finally sat down at the library to write my poem for the day. Anzac Day rain is often when farmers traditionally sow their crops. There hasn’t been terribly much rain around our district, apart from one recent reasonable day of rain. The farmers need more rain. It’s been forecast, but that’s no guarantee…

This is the poem I wrote, based on all of that.

Season break


Northerly wind picks up

and disperses top soil,

farmers wait and hope

consider and act

as they always have.


More rain forecast

but clouds in the sky

are not the ones.

Farmer, machinery and seed

are getting ready.


Sunshine and rain

will combine and nature

will once again perform

its magic trick and carpet

the ground with green.