NaPoWriMo Day 28

The month of a poem a day is almost over, just today, tomorrow and the day after left. I don’t think my days after this month will be  poetry free, and I don’t believe all of my poems written for April have been wonderful. They didn’t have to be wonderful, they just had to be written. 

I was at the Gawler Poets at the Pub poetry reading this afternoon, and actully wrote two new poems. One was written in response to the usual 5 word Poetry Challenge run at every one of the monthly poetry readings. The words are random ones, given by people there, one word each. Then everyone has about ten minutes to write a poem using all of the words.

Then all who are happy to do so, read the poem they wrote, and  the winner is chosen based on whichever poem gets the best response from all there. The winner receives a bottle of wine, donated by Adrian Armstrong, the publican there.

The poets who come along regularly to this event have come to love this challenge, and there have been some totally wonderful poems written. I often am busy doing other things and don’t get the chance to write a poem and read it out, but this time, I had time, and I’d like to share my poem here.

I wanted to write a poem with a ‘poetic feel’, because I am aware that too often, my poetry is decidedly unpoetic. The poem I wrote today has a metaphor I happy with, and that is enough for now. The chosen words were windows, hysteria, tampering, suspect and April.

This is the poem I wrote:


I suspect their motives

their hysteria –

politicians tampering

with our windows of opportunity.

April glitters with guilt


The other poem I wrote today is about our next door neighbours’ cat, and I think I’ll hang onto that poem for later. I might put a dog and cat collection together at some stage, and I’ll keep the poem for that. Or I may find something that this poem suits, and the poem will be unpublished, unlike all of the poems I’ve posted to this blog.


6 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo Day 28

  1. johnlmalone says:

    I suspect I’m in a minority but I’m going to be honest: I find the poetry challenge a bit of a drag; I always have. I’m eager to get straight into the readings. But that’s just me. I must also point out I find J K Rowlings prose clunky and dull. And while I’m at it, I did not feel devastated when Princess Diana died. So I’m bit of a lone wolf. But in a democratic society their voices musr still be heard and respected


  2. I completely respect your right to hold these opinions John. Everyone should be allowed to have such opinions, no matter how wrong these opinions seem to the majority of people. Good on you for having the courage to say these things.


  3. johnlmalone says:

    there are always those of us who think differently: that is the nature of human diversity. this is shaping up as a subject for a new post though I won’t mention the poetry scenario; there are enough other topics of wider reach to interrogate


  4. Thinking differently to the majority can be a problem sometimes if one’s mind is closed to other thoughts though – many around the world have strongly held beliefs that lead to terrible tragedies – terrorists, serial killers and so on. I don’t think you are a person with a closed mind though John, so I think the community is safe…


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