NaPoWriMo Day 29 My poem written today

This poem isn’t a finished product, nor is it intended to be a sweet and happy little poem. This poem is merely some of my deeply held thoughts, blended together and written down in short lines.

Rape and community are both things right on the top of my list of important things in life. The former is something that the latter must take stronger action against, in my opinion. Anyway, I have written a lot about sexual abuse, in particular the rape of children – I have another blog that I have dedicated to this issue.

I have also produced my first and so far only poetry collection based on child abuse of various kinds. It’s my therapeutic journey from victim to survivor, and it certainly helped me to get through another, more recent challenge in my life.

Creative writing can be such a good way to write out the crap that comes in life – write it out and move on has been the process that worked for me.

Anyway, here is my poem – I welcome the thoughts of others on this poem and what it is about. Community is the thing that keeps us strong.


The wall


When a woman is raped and a man goes free

another community brick implodes.

Community is the invisible wall

that surrounds us and keeps us safe.

Each brick set in place by a good action,

each brick balanced on good will and hope,

each brick threatened by evil acts.

Each brick only there for as long

as we work to protect its place.

With hope, good will, kind actions

the wall grows ever stronger.

Don’t let anyone destroy the bricks

that go together to build the wall.


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