It seems odd that my final poem for this month of writing a new poem every day, should have the subject matter of suicide. I read on my friend, John Malone’s blog today a story that immediately spoke to me, and I knew I wanted to write my final poem for April about his blog post.

Suicide is a subject often talked around, rather than talked about. It needs to be talked about though, because in not talking of it, we isolate those who are already feeling isolated, alone, and wanting to end their pain. The RU OK Day campaign, that encourages people to check up on their friends is one that seems to be gaining traction. I hope that being asked can help people to realise they are not alone, and that their family and friends truly do care.






No one knows for sure,

what made this end seem right,

suicide brought an end for this one man,

end to pain, end of life.

But it brings much to those remaining,

questions without answers,

ideas that can never be confirmed

by the one who knew most.

The fifth commandment says do not kill,

considers suicide a grave sin,

and perhaps that is one thing

that brought it on – when even

the religion that has meant so much,

let him down. I can’t know,

no-one can really know, what it is

that will make a person end their life …

belief in the sanctity of life, cast aside

as they may have felt cast aside too,

by their God.