I and many others committed to writing a new poem every day in April. I’m thrilled that I was able to do this, and I even wrote two poems on some days. I thought that after that month of poetry, I wouldn’t hav eto keep on writing a poem every day, but after today, I’m not so sure.

I was driving home from Gawler today, and suddenly felt compelled to pull over and pen a new poem. And then after I was home again, and had some spare time, I edited that poem, and put that poem onto the appropriate folder on my computer. The poem started from something that happened earlier this morning, and I’d obviously been thinking about it sub-consciously during the day. I think I quite like the poem, so I’ve decided to post the poem here. I have a bit of a following now, so why not?

Here’s the poem, and who knows haw many more times a poem may creep back into this blog?!


Flight path


Quiet morning, sun shining down


jet plane screams past,

disappears then screams past again

shattering the peace

they’re there to protect.


Protecting the peace, yes

but at a price.

Living in the country

and keeping an eye and ear out

for peacekeepers in the air.

Our taxes and their work


keeping us all safe,

we hope.