Today I went to my mother’s place for a visit, as I do most weeks. On the way, I was moved to stop and write a poem. If this had happened las month, April, I would have posted the poem on this blog. April is the National Month of Poetry in the US, and many poets from around the world took the opportunity to commit to writing a new poem every single day of April. I am one of those poets, and I posted one poem for every April day here, or on another of my blogs.

So, I did in fact write a poem today, as I did yesterday. I posted yesterday’s poem on this blog, but today’s poem is a work in progress that I may or may not post to this blog at some stage. The poem requires more word still. I am happy with it, but I want to do much more with it – it seems to deserve more work, and I am happy to do that work…

So today I wrote a poem. I also wrote a short story today. Thursday is the day I go to my weekly writing group meetings. The group had a theme set, and those present were to write a longer piece of writing (not a poem). Two of us wrote short stories, and one of us began a book length piece of writing! Not bad from one who usually writes a poem for every writing exercise we have! This link will show you what the theme was, feel free to have a go yourself, and see what you come up with. Leave a message here and tell the readers about it!