My friend John has put something interesting on his blog. Well, I found it interesting, and John must have too, to have posted a blog post about it. It was about a girl who used to get up from her desk at school, and go and look at the rain when it pelted down.

Do you like to look at the rain, I know I do, as long as I’m not out in it. Although, having said that, I remember how my dear friend Wendy and I used to take her dog out for walks when we were about 14, and the rain never stopped us. If anything, the rain took us out into it. When it was raining, there was no-one else around walking, and there were fewer cars.

We’d be bundled up in raincoats, and it was like we were untouchable somehow. We’d arrive home again, soaking wet, but exhilarated. I certainly wouldn’t do that these days. It makes me excited to think of other people who love the rain too! Rain, rainbows, clouds, I love them all. I don’t like being cold and wet these days though.

What do other people think about this? What kind of weather do you love?