I hope it’s the final edit anyway. Today I put in at least three hours editing my memoir about my new life living with MS. I finally found the copy of my draft that my verse mentor Ray Tyndale had given me. I was so happy when I found it in a bag I thought I’d already searched.

It doesn’t matter why I didn’t see it before, I have it again now, and I’ve done what I hope is a final edit. I was pleasantly surprised at times today, with what I was reading. After a break of a week or so, I’d forgotten what I’d written, to some extent. I’m not say it’s all wonderfully poetic verse, but felt some of the bits read quite well.

Next step is to get some quotes for the back blurb, then decide whether or not to try to get an introduction from an important person. I have a couple of different people in mind, we’ll see how it goes. I’ll be talking to a photographer whose work I admire tomorrow, we’ll see what we can get organised. The photographer is Martin Christmas, who has been ‘playing’ with a new camera, and producing mind blowing stuff! I was totally thrilled when he said he’d be happy to do my front page for me!

After that’s done, it’s time to send it away to have a couple more things done, and then be put into a publishable format, and let loose the printer!

And then, of course, it will be time for the book launch, and I promote my memoir every waking moment. It’s all good fun!