When I hear the news, I’m struck by the shock horror issues being talked about. The world will end if the Labor Party gets re-elected, and only Abbott of the Liberal Party can save us. When I talk to certain people, they say the same thing. But I get most of my news from sources like Twitter and similar, and I follow many people with quite different ideas.

Who is right, who is wrong? Who can tell. From where I sit, things are looking good. Interest rates are down, so our housing is affordable. The Aussie dollar is finally headed down. The weather in my part of Australia is doing what it should – enough rain to keep the crops happy, without anyone being flooded out.

I think my part of the world is looking good. Am I right or wrong? I’m right about how things are going for me. My personal universe is going well. That’s all I can say – that’s all I can really judge things on. I hope your life is looking good too. That’s all I can say. Positivity and poetry both help me to stay in my happy space.