Of course, I’ve been away from all of my other blogs for an even longer time. I was prompted to come back here by a partially read post on the SA Writers Centre – a thing popped up on my computer screen, I read a few words, and leapt back her again.

I love blogging, but I fiddle faddle around doing bits and pieces of tiddly little things, here and there, every single day, and other things, important things, don’t get done. Today I spent hours getting a handle on some admin stuff – working out who owes money to a not-for-profit organisation I’m very involved with.

I now have one invoice written and sent, one receipt for payment received sent, and about 6 invoices printed, ready to deliver tomorrow. That’s as long as I remember to deliver them. There’s never any guarantees about that. I hope I do the deliveries, the organisation will be needing the money. I’m going to try to get on top of it all, and be better with keeping on top of it. I am not a numbers kind of person. I’d rather read or write, not fiddle with figures!

Having said that, I didn’t do any editing of my memoir either. Nor did I do any of the exercise I know is so good for me. I spent more time on Facebook than I should, but that’s not a new thing. If there was no Facebook at all, I might be better at keeping accounts sorted out. 

Of course, if that was the case, no Facebook, there’d probably be something else that would keep my mind from doing what it should be doing. I haven’t clicked on Twitter today, and I try to keep away from games on Facebook. I much prefer connecting with real people and having conversations, either on Facebook, or in real life. Preferably in real life.

Life is good, it continues to keep me amused, or at least thinking. Gotta go now, there’s a comment on Facebook!