So today, I went to my favourite hotel, the Mallala Hotel, for lunch. Dining with me was a friend, Martin Christmas (yes, that’s his real name!). Martin has been getting serious about his love of photography, and he’s getting more and more into photography, having become the official photographer for the famous Friendly Street Poets.

When I asked Martin recently whether he was interested in helping me with my memoir, by trying to get a good photo for my front cover, her was happy to help me. I’ve been loving the photos Martin has taken of poets at the Gawler Poets at the Pub, and I was sure having a photo shoot with Martin would be painless, and even be fun to do.

After we both had lunch and a drink, the photo shoot began. I had Mick, my walking stick, and Jane, my cane, with me. I’d dolled them up slightly and they looked lovely. I’d also dolled myself up slightly, with a long needed hair cut, and I even went as far as getting my hair coloured. So the three of us put ourselves in Martins hands and did, or tried to do, everything he suggested.

Martin has shown me one photo so far, which looks interesting. There are another 15 or so photos to see, and I hope this is going to work . So far so good, and having Martin help me has been both fun and non-stressful, which as I well know, is important for people who have MS. Stress is so bad for one suffering with Multiple Sclerosis, causing symptoms to come back and haunt one.

So, now that the front cover is on it’s way, the text is more or less written, and the back cover is on its way, it’s getting ever closer to being ready for printing. Exciting times are ahead. Thanks for reading my words, and if there’s anything you’d like to know, please leave a comment here, or contact me.