What happens next?

I’ve been working on my verse memoir, editing the text and fiddling around the edges, tidying up bits and pieces. I feel it’s almost getting to printing stage, but there are frustrating blocks on the road that have to be negotiated along the way to the printer.

Now the weekend has arrived and things grind to another halt… I hope tomorrow might lead to some kind of action, and certainly Sunday will involve lots of editing. Apart from that, I need to make some decisions, take appropriate actions and so on. I hope Monday can lead to more things happening, with various people helping me with information and feedback.

The life of the self-publishing author is never straight forward, it seems. Oh well, the money is there to pay my way, and I’ve certainly had some excellent help along the way to the publishing of my memoir about my life with MS!


15 thoughts on “What happens next?

    • Thanks John,

      my neuro has said he’ll get the introduction to me on Wednesday morning – we’ll see who actually gets their words to me first!
      This is all fun, this is all fun, this is all fun, this is all fun.

      I’ll take a deep breath and keep repeating to myself, this is all fun, this is all fun. Yes, I may in fact be feeling a teensy bit stressed…


  1. johnlmalone says:

    I felt heaps stressed last night, Carolyn, from too much texting; none tonight — so far — as long as the other party doesn’t start up 🙂


    • I’m glad you’re on your way with this one John. I think the ability to relax is one of the most misunderstood abilities there is. Relaxing, being able to just be, no action required, just to be. This can be an answer to the problems a stressful life can bring. Watching our fish, or paying attention to the way our dogs chill out, these things help me. Or cloud watching, listening to the wind, and watching what is does to the trees. Watching those crazy ants toiling away, and being able to just sit and watch them, without having to rush off to do things mindlessly…


  2. johnlmalone says:

    cloud watching: now that is something I could get into 🙂 but you’re right: ‘being able to just be’ instead of rushing around like the wind outside mindlessly and damagingly is a most worthy state


  3. johnlmalone says:

    I’ve read over 15 entries already and am impressed by the accomplishments of the writers; yes and catchimng up a few more times this year would be great, certainly to discuss my findings in a month or so


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