Exercise motivation in Winter


It’s cold outside, it’s even cold in he rest of the house. It’s cosy and warm with the heater on in this room where I’m typing this at my computer. But Lah Dee, our boy dog wants to go outside, so I’l lhave to get up anyway, so I suppose I may as well go and switch on the Wii Fit machine in the next (cold) room.

I’m finding it a bit hard to keep motivated with this exercise thing. I know it’s good for me, and I certainly feel it’s helping to keep me mobile. I have a bit of a concern about ending up in a wheel chair, and unable to drive myself around. My neurologist and others have told me to “Move it or Lose it”. But it’s soooo cold.

There, the dogs are all outside now, and I have to keep an eye on Lah Dee, or he’ll dig up the lawn in that spot just by the veranda. He still doesn’t realise, or care, that we really truly don’t like dirt thrown all over the veranda. I guess this digging of his is a way to exercise, an when he works hard at finding the best spot on the sofa, he needs to keep ready for the sofa struggle. I don’t mind him digging, I just mind him doing it on the lawn. He has the whole dog run available for digging!

Is this relevant to this blog post? Yes it is, because it’s about motivation – Lah Dee’s motivation for digging in particular. So what will motivate me to get off my bottom, get the dogs back inside, and get exercising with the Wii Fit machine?

Hmm, we have marshmallows, we have milk, we have chocolate drink powder, we have an electric jug and we have electricity. What if I tell myself I can have a hot chocolate drink with a marshmallow in it if I go and do at least half an hour of exercise. Will that work? Ummmm,..

Yes that will work – I’m off now, to let the dogs back in, and to do my work out! Thanks for listening, leave a comment!



12 thoughts on “Exercise motivation in Winter

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  2. That’s very true John. Exercise brings out feel good chemicals in the body, just like having and giving a hug does. Exercise takes longer for the good effect, but a hug doesn’t help to tone your body.
    Exercise and then hugs after, that’s the way to go!


  3. johnlmalone says:

    I did my exercise today; I get my hugs tomorrow when I drive down and see my friend 🙂 well, here’s hoping 🙂


  4. johnlmalone says:

    going over there now, Carolyn; I’m off to Aldinga again today so more hugs will be given and received all in the appropriate manner


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