A new favourite Author!

So, I have a brand new favourite author now, and I’m anxiously waiting for her next wonderful instalment in her series. Well, actually I’m not really waiting anxiously, but I’m going to whiz through her new book, which I borrowed from the library today, and THEN I’ll be waiting anxiously for her next book.

The author is Maggie Groff, who has moved from writing amusing non-fiction ‘Mothers Behaving Badly was published by Random House in 1999 and her second book Hoax Cuisine published in 2001 by Simon & Schuster’, to writing crime fiction.

Her first novel in this genre was ‘Mad Men, Bad Girls and the Guerilla Knitters Institute’. 

Ms Groff has created an interesting character and given her interesting adventures. This character, Scout Davis, is a freelance reporter, with enough spare time to solve crimes, as well as work her way through the niceties of modern romantic issues. She has a good looking hardly ever there partner, as well as a super sexy often there new love interest.

In Ms Groff’s second book in her series, of which I hope there will be many more books, Scout is wrestling with who is/could/should be her man. I’ve only just begun reading this second book, and I’m keen to find out which of the lovely lads Scout will choose.

I’m not sure these books will appeal to male readers, but they’re sure appealing to this female reader! Mystery with a solid and totally buff hunk of love interest, yes, that appeals to me, big time (in a book I’m talking here, of course.)

These books remind me of Sue Grafton’s crime fiction – Grafton has a strong sense of her characters and settings, and Groff has the same. Groff’s action takes place mostly in Byron Bay NSW, where she lives, and other Australian places. I’ve never been to Byron Bay, but I feel like I’d be able to find my way around there, if I ever went.

At the moment in the book I’m reading, Scout has a mystery to solve, and a love life to put into order too, and I’m keen to get back into the action in her second book, published this year, ‘Good News, Bad News‘!

Will there be another Scout Davis book in 2014? Oh, I sure hope so!


2 thoughts on “A new favourite Author!

    • I agree with you John, from the way this author describes it, it sounds like a wonderful place. I’m thinking perhaps Semaphore may have a bit of the same creative and culturally interesting feel as Byron Bay has in the books of Maggie Groff.


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