Spring is in the air where I live. The nights are still cold, but when the sun comes out during the day, it’s wonderful. The plants are growing, with beautiful flowers coming around the place. I am so over the winter chill!

We have various flowering plants around the place. Some in hanging baskets, some in pots and some growing in the ground. There are native plants and others, some with pink blooms, some yellow, some red. I love them all.

I love our big imposing trees too. We have pine trees, gum trees, peppercorn trees and others. I am so glad we live on a big enough property to be able to have many tall trees, and assorted smaller trees, bushes and other growing things. I feel so sorry for those who can’t have big trees of their own to look at every day if they wish to.

I think Nature is my god, and being outside, or being able to see outside, is my church where I worship the miracle of growth and change. seeds grow into trees, trees go through the seasons, growing, slowing down, blooming, dying. And then new plants grow.

The birds and the clouds share my space, the insects and other creatures. The circle of life continues on, and I am refreshed when I see it occurring…Image