I am Garden Dog

The name for this blog comes from my two main interests in life, gardens and dogs. It also relates to this book in the photo here.Image

The book is the first of my self-published books. It’s a funny little book looking at gardening from a dog’s point of view, called “Dig It! Gardening Tips for Dogs”. It has illustrations done from a friend of mine, Allyson Hean. 

I’ve known many dogs in my life, and I’ve paid careful attention to the way they enjoy themselves in the garden. I hoped this little book could offer something good to people trying to enjoy both their garden and their dog. The two don’t always go together happily!

In our household currently, we have Lah Dee, a male pharaoh hound from our first litter of that breed. He is fun to live with, but for his obsession. This obsession is with hole digging. He’s allowed to dig holes in the dog run. He isn’t allowed to dig holes in the lawn. He doesn’t understand this, obviously.

If we leave Lah Dee out in the back yard for too long, he will almost always dog up the hole he’s already dug and we’ve refilled many times. We also have to sweep the dirt he’s dug up from the veranda. That’s the way of it. So if we don’t have to do that, Lah Dee is either shut down in the dog run area, or let inside with us. 

The other dogs we have don’t dig up the lawn the way Lah Dee does. Their main activities in the back yard involve eating things – insects, animals, birds … anything they consider to be food. Well, that’s the other two pharaoh hounds, the girls, Ananka (Lah Dee’s mother) and Missy (Lah Dee’s sister from a different litter). Nena, the schnauzer is a good girl and rarely does anything we don’t want her to do.

The words in the book as as written by a made up dog – Buster. Buster is the dog in the book. He is what you would get if you crossed the two dog breeds I am involved with – the pharaoh hound and the schnauzer. The dog is tall and slim, with a short coat and a whispy beard. 

One of our dogs, from many years ago, Ming, was interested in bonsai, which is one of the things I like in the garden – these tiny trees fascinate me at times. I have a few bonsai trees, and care for them as you must if you have them. Bonsai trees in proper bonsai pots need careful watering and trimming, and also wiring of their branches to attain certain effects. Ming didn’t care about that though, she was more interested in freeing the bonsai trees from their pots – not a good idea!


Anyway, this little book came out many years ago, and every now and then I wonder if it may be time for another print run. That time has come around again – should I put the money into it again or not? Your thoughts most welcome on this one!


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