About Kittens

I visited an interesting website today, one which can help writers to write. It does a word count of text you write, and gives you a reward for every 100 words you write. I thought I’d give it a go, and produced the following. 

As a side note, I truly and honestly don’t actually hate cats, no matter what they say about me. I love all of Nature, I just prefer dogs over cats. Are cats natural though? Hmm …


“One day the world will recover from this destructively evil kitten obsession. Kittens, though cute, will eventually grow into cats.

Do you like cats? Are you sure you really like them? Or are you one of the legion of poor fools who have been duped into thinking these beasts of Satan are worthwhile creatures to let into your homes and lives?  Kittens have been cleverly designed to work their way into hearts and minds, and of course into the expanse of the World Wide Web, where lol cats are there almost wherever you chance to look. This is not cute, this is evil!”


5 thoughts on “About Kittens

    • Just as well then John. Our gold fish are in a pond too, down the back and where the dogs can’t get to it. The pond is deep enough that a cat would have to dive in and swim to get them.
      We had a avian visitor once, that I shooshed away because I was terrified the fish would be caught. I’m sorry now, the fish would have been fine, and that white faced heron looked beautiful …


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