The Book is Almost Ready

I spoke to the printer of my verse memoir “Mick, Jane and Me – Living Well With MS” today. He had just begun getting ready to begin the print run. Later in the day he sent me pictures of the first 8 copies of my book.

He gave me a time line and it certainly looks like this is going to work as it’s planned. The printing gets done today, the book is sent off to be perfect bound Monday, it goes back to the printer Tuesday and then on to the MS Society SA & NT. So it will be available from the MS Society for me to pick up in time to take it to the Tea Tree Gully library to launch the book to all of the people waiting to get their own copy. My stress levels have eased, and my excitement level is rising rapidly!

Today I was the guest poet at the Gawler Poets at the Pub. I read from my manuscript and the audience seemed to enjoy my words. Some of them are hoping to get to my launch, and if they can’t make it, they’ve said they’d like to get their copy at the September Gawler Poets at the Pub. 

This is looking great and I’m so glad I wrote this book. I hope it will be there to help people newly diagnosed with MS, and also useful to give to family and friends of people with MS. There are so many stupid things being said about this chronic illness, so many things that are only half true, or true only for some. There are also many things said that are not true at all.

This has been an interesting journey, and I’m so happy to be travelling this road!Image


3 thoughts on “The Book is Almost Ready

  1. You can tell I’ve been feeling stressed, I’ve yet again posted something to the wrong blog! This should have gone on my blog that’s set up especially to promote my soon to be released book. Ah well, I’ll go there and write some more about the book launch!


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  3. Well, I still don’t have one hundred copies of my memoir to sell at my book launch tomorrow, but I am confident they will be ready tomorrow morning and I can pick them up and then head off with them to the Tea Tree Gully library well before 3 pm when my book launch will start. Yes confident I said, and confident I am.
    Don’t listen to my quaking heart, I am confident I tell you, supremely confident!


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