Well, the book was written, the day was booked, Mick and Jane prepped and pretty, and the books were ready … Or were they? It was the day of book launch, and there were no books to launch. Will they arrive? Would it be a terrible flop? Only time would tell.

By lunchtime, I was told, so we trooped out to pick up the books, they were along the way to the launch venue. Will they be there? Will they, will they? Yes they most certainly were there! Two boxes filled with my book, “Mick, Jane and Me – Living Well With MS”. One hundred copies of the book, and I had high hopes for book sales at the launch. My hopes were met. Sales were good, and lovely things were said about me, and my book.

I spoke to one woman whose sister has MS, to my family and friends, and to the staff from the MS Society SA & NT. The launch speakers were great, connecting with me and with my book. I was thrilled to be listening to their words, and the way they completely ‘got’ what my book is all about. 

Hearing people say lovely things about me was slightly embarrassing – I have a lot to live up to to be as good as was said … Mick, Jane and me are ready for it, we can do this!