And after the book launch comes …

So, the book launch happened last Wednesday. People were there, family, friends and others, and the book was launched, after suitable words were spoken. Copies of the book were chosen by attendees and signed by the author. Tea, coffee and food were enjoyed. And then we all went home again…

What comes next? Well, what comes next is the selling of all of the rest of the copies of “Mick, Jane and Me – Living Well With MS”. Holding a book launch is all very well, but there are only so many copies you can sell there. I’m happy with my book sales on the day, but I still have plenty of copies of my book looking for new homes and new readers.

I had a coffee with a friend today at my local hotel. I showed her my book, and she bought a signed copy. I’d mentioned my book to the publican earlier, and he’d put in an order for a copy, which he received today. Tomorrow I have a meeting at the MS Society SA & NT, where I’m fairly sure I’ll sell more copies of my book. After that, I have a meeting next week, and then another the week after, where there will probably be eager book buyers.

I now have plenty of copies of my book in my bag and in my car, as well as some in the house. I’ll make sure I always have book copies available, wherever I go. Such is the life of the self-publisher. I don’t mind this, I’m proud of my work with this book, and I feel it is a useful book for others to have. It’s a good looking book, with attractive illustrations and a great cover, thanks to my illustrator Simon Kneebone, and my photographer Martin Christmas. Having these two professionals involved has made my special book even more special, and I’m glad to have had them both involved …

This is the life of the self-published writer. You either sell your books yourself, or find others who will sell them for you, or you are stuck with boxes of unread books. I don’t know how long it will take me to sell my first print run of this book. My hope is that I can sell them all by the end of the year, and then can order another print run. I hope this plan will work, and I hope all of the wonderful people who have a copy of this book love it as much as I do!



6 thoughts on “And after the book launch comes …

  1. One day, I may remember to switch on my brain before I hit the ‘send’ button. When that day comes, I’ll remember to post the correct blog post to the correct blog. Until that day comes, I’ll have to continue to write apologetic comments like this one, and then post links on the ‘correct’ blog so the proper word gets out to the correct people! 🙂

    You’ve got to be prepared to laugh at yourself, otherwise, you’ll be inundated in tears!


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  3. johnlmalone says:

    good luck Carolyn: we still have heaps of unsold copies of ‘Relay’, Marion Writers first venture, in the garage. every now and then we sell a few more copies. one day they might be a collector’s item 🙂


    • I’ve still got copies of my first poetry collection left John – some are in my car, some in our spare room. I’m hoping to go ‘on tour’ soon, and I’ll have both the poetry collection and my memoir with me, going around all of the MS Peer Support groups in South Australia. The next one is in the Barossa Valley, and then I head into the suburbs with my books…

      It’s a good thing I like talking about myself!


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