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I’m pleased to be able to say my book sales are going well. I have about twenty copies of my book left, with some others out and about looking for new homes. I’ll be heading out and about myself beginning next week, talking to MS Peer Support groups, and selling more copies of my MS Memoir.

When you are a self-publisher, you need to become a self-promoter too. I’m a meek and humble poet, not given to grand gestures, or to bragging about my achievements. I am proud of my newest book, ‘Mick, Jane and Me – Living Well With MS’. I’m proud of what I’ve achieved, with this nice looking book, with a two great pictures of me on the front cover and another on the back cover, both photos by Martin Christmas. I love the feel of the book, and I completely adore the lovely illustrations done my Simon Kneebone.

I feel OK to say this book is a good one – the feedback I’ve received has been great. The book was self-published by me, yes, but the work of many others went into it too. My mentor Ray Tyndale helped me so much with the structure and the writing the narrative in prose. Without Ray’s work, I’d agree with the words of others, when they’ve mentioned the phrase ‘chopped up prose’. Certainly in the earliest versions of the manuscript, it resembled that…

But I listened to what Ray was trying to teach me, and I gradually got into the rhythm of the lines, and what I was writing became more poetic, more ‘verse-like’. This verse memoir has my ideas and thoughts about what living with MS is like for me, and it includes thoughts of some others too. I thank everyone who has given me their words, words that I share further with the readers of my book. Yesterday, I was able to give a freebie copy of my memoir to one of those lovely people who shared with me. It felt good to give something back to Shirl, after she had given to me, when I asked for thoughts about what could or should be in my memoir.

As I share my memoir, I share myself, and the many contacts I have, strengthen. This strengthening of contacts helps me to grow stronger, and my safety net expands, and expands. I know if I ever fall, there are many who would stop and help me up again, just as I know I would stop and help others. It’s all about community. I’m involved in the MS community, and I’m loving this community – the knowledge, the happiness at sharing, and the wonderful understanding from others who truly understand what it’s like to feel the way I feel, when I’m fatigued. If you don’t have MS, you won’t really understand …

When one is suffering from illness, you can sometimes feel alone. I know though, that I have many friends who suffer too, and we can all do our best to end the suffering. I’m living a good life, with my family and friends, and I thank them all…


10 thoughts on “Book Sale news

    • Well, I have that many, there are others scattered around that are up for sale – I’ll have to check up on them in a week or so and see how they’re going. I sold another one today, at the doctors – Lyn from behind the desk bought a copy and she was telling another patient about it. She took the copy I went and got from my car for her to look at. Rosemary will pay me for it next time we catch up at the bowling club.

      I’m still thinking about whether or not to go for another print run … I’ll have to pay for it this time …


  1. johnlmalone says:

    another print run can be tricky; unless you get someone to buy a block of books like what happened to my two self-published poetry books; schools put in for class sets so I had advanced orders; if you can swing something like that


  2. I’ll speak to the printer and discuss numbers with him… The MS Society SA & NT will be running and article about my book in the next Network magazine, due out soon. And I will be visiting most of the MS Peer Support groups in SA in the next few months…


  3. johnlmalone says:

    that’s good; the demand seems to be there; there is always a community of fellow sufferers and then there is the wider reading public. I am reading about a woman with an auto immune disease and how she’s locked into online groups who are suffereing the same thing. She has written a memoir, an excerpt of which appears in the current New Yorker.


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