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I visited the goldfish pond today, and I was pleased to see all seven of our goldfish there. The picture is of two of them – there are three solid coloured fish, three part-coloured fish and one odd looking metallic fish who may be some kind of throwback.

I also saw some flies, assorted flying insects, an ant, two crested pigeons, some galahs, sparrows, some miners of some kind, a white-lined honeyeater, swallows and I think I glimpsed a Murray Magpie. I heard a willie wagtail, sparrows, and the galahs. An enjoyable way to spend some time with Nature …

Two of the dogs came most of the way with me. Nena, our schnauzer and Missy, our youngest pharaoh hound. It’s not very far to the fishpond, it’s just past the dog run. We have lots of trees and shrubs back there, peppertrees, flowering bottlebrush shrubs, some pine trees and a lovely big jade tree. All of the trees/shrubs are ones we planted. Well, not the peppertrees, they self-seed all over the place. We also have smallish olives coming up – the starlings spread them around all over the place… Both the birds and the trees are pests.

I enjoy these mini visits down to the back of our place. The birds and plants, as well as the fish make me feel happy, even happier than I usually am! Nature gives me so much of the wonderful things in life…

What kinds of creatures have you seen and or heard today?


Visiting Nature!

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This blog is a bit of a mish-mash, where posts are posted deliberately with a purpose in mind, by mistake when they should have been placed on another blog or just put here for the heck of it. This post though, is placed here to amuse and intrigue the readers.

The words there are all true, written on Sunday, and posted here for several different purposes. Different readers may gain different insights, or gain no insight at all. I’m not responsible for that, I have to leave that up to the reader. Nice things happened Sunday, when it could have a less than pleasant experience.

I consider my way of dealing with things is the best way for me – with acceptance and serenity, and with an open mind. It works for me… This may end up being the beginning of a murder mystery, an urbane and serene murder mystery … This is what I wrote:

“I wasn’t supposed to be there, not at all. I was supposed to be somewhere else, same road, but half a k south of where I was. And I was hours early too, hours and hours early. I was out of bed early, so early. I don’t like getting out of bed early …

So what did I do, that silly mixed up day, hours early and nothing much to do? What did I do? I checked out the cafe, Tram Stop 4, facing onto, not surprisingly, tram stop 4. I checked the cafe out, the skinny flat white out, the conversation skills of the owners’ 4 year old daughter as well. All good.

I shared foreign words with said daughter, who surprisingly and impressively, knows how to count to ten in German! At the age of four, wow! I also shared the visual delights on my iPhone thing with her, handing it over and sharing names of my dogs whose pictures were on my phone. The child handled the phone with all the youthful confidence of one who didn’t have to pay for it.

Next thing to check out was the toilet facilities, observing the playground facilities handily close by. All measured up well, and there was a happy group enjoying themselves outside in the shade. The mirror near the toilets allowed me to ascertain I’d made a mistake buttoning up my blouse. I was glad to be able to fix it up without any embarrassment.”

That’s it. A fun morning spent at a fun cafe. I like cafes, and this one is especially easy to like. Β Tram Stop 4 Cafe is a friendly place, almost like being at home, if home was filled with light and fun and art. There’s lots of magazines to read too, interesting ones. Oh, and with fine coffee and good food, I mustn’t forget the coffee. Chris and Michelle, with their tiny helper A L have created a lovely space to dash in for a snack to go, or to lounge around in where the pressure to do stuff melts away, and serenity seeps in. If I didn’t live on the wrong side of Adelaide, 60 km away, I’d be spending a lot of my time at this cafe.

I felt so relaxed and at peace with myself on this day, that even though I was stupidly mega early, it didn’t feel stupid, it felt like it was meant to be. This calm and lovely space, with the calm and lovely people in charge was my oasis of peace. I offer my thanks to the owners, and hope I get there again sometime… Oh and did I mention the chocolate milkshake? I must mention the chocolate milkshake, milky, chocolatey, deliciousness with two straws, Absolutely divine!

If you’re ever around tram stop four, 5 Aroha Tce, Forestville SA, drop in. You will be so glad you did! Tram Stop 4 Cafe, where serenity comes with the coffee!

tram stop 4 cafe

Crazy mixed up excellent day…