fishy friends

I visited the goldfish pond today, and I was pleased to see all seven of our goldfish there. The picture is of two of them – there are three solid coloured fish, three part-coloured fish and one odd looking metallic fish who may be some kind of throwback.

I also saw some flies, assorted flying insects, an ant, two crested pigeons, some galahs, sparrows, some miners of some kind, a white-lined honeyeater, swallows and I think I glimpsed a Murray Magpie. I heard a willie wagtail, sparrows, and the galahs. An enjoyable way to spend some time with Nature …

Two of the dogs came most of the way with me. Nena, our schnauzer and Missy, our youngest pharaoh hound. It’s not very far to the fishpond, it’s just past the dog run. We have lots of trees and shrubs back there, peppertrees, flowering bottlebrush shrubs, some pine trees and a lovely big jade tree. All of the trees/shrubs are ones we planted. Well, not the peppertrees, they self-seed all over the place. We also have smallish olives coming up – the starlings spread them around all over the place… Both the birds and the trees are pests.

I enjoy these mini visits down to the back of our place. The birds and plants, as well as the fish make me feel happy, even happier than I usually am! Nature gives me so much of the wonderful things in life…

What kinds of creatures have you seen and or heard today?


Visiting Nature!


6 thoughts on “Visiting Nature!

  1. johnlmalone says:

    I enjoyed this post. My lady friend who appears in many of my blogs also has a goldfish pond. The other day one of them had died. The other two seemed a little morose as though they sensed her absence. Her name was Goldie, As my friend says she has gone to goldfish heaven 🙂


    • Death of the goldfish is certainly a bad time. We had an awful time a few years back. with the mass death of all of our goldfish. and there had been more than twenty of them. It was a very sad time to visit the pond and find more floating fish…

      It all seems to be going well now though…


    • We’re not entirely sure John. It may have been a ph issue, or perhaps some toxic effect from the peppercorn tree that overhangs the pond if we’re not vigilant about cutting it back.

      The new fish are growing well, and I’m hoping for baby fish – I don’t know if we have a mix of male and female fish though… I hope we do.


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