Fish pond, I'm So Sorry ...

two of the fish.


Fish pond, I’m So Sorry …


8 thoughts on “Fish pond, I’m So Sorry …

  1. We tried to do the right thing for these fish, but it was not to be. Yesterday I buried the last of the fish who had lived in our fish pond. We’ve had some stinking hot weather, and things started going very wrong for the fish. One by on, they succumbed.

    I wish they could have lived on, bred and swished around the pond for many more years. It was not to be. I think we’ll have to learn more about what went wrong, before we bring more fish into our place.


  2. johnlmalone says:

    sorry to hear this. I think I told you about the goldfish my girlfriend lost btw to cheer you up I put up a happy post which you might enjoy


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