Not much happening in the garden!

Visits to the garden have been limited to a quick toilet break and back inside for the dogs, these crazy-hot days we’ve been having! The temperature today has been around 45 or more for most of the day, and that’s 45 degrees celsius, not fahrenheit! It’s down to 41. something now, but that’s still too freaking hot!

It is summer here though, so I suppose hot weather isn’t that unexpected… I’m very glad our air conditioner works well – without that, I don’t know how I would be getting on. Whenever I go outside with the dogs (which I don’t do that much), I feel heat affected. I’m so sorry for everyone without access to good air conditioning at times like this. Having multiple sclerosis in summer is not fun for me and for most other suffers. I’m hoping I will receive a yes for my application for a concession from the South Australian Government for our heating and cooling costs.

The air conditioner uses lots of energy of course. It’s worth paying for it, if it enables me to keep on going, pottering around inside doing little jogs, or tap tapping at the keys here on the computer keyboard. I’m so glad we bit the bullet and got as many solar panels installed as possible. Another few panels would be good, but what we have makes for much lower electricity bills than we’d have with the panels.

It’s surely a short sighted government that would seek to cut back assistance for people to have solar panels put in where it’s appropriate? That’s what I think anyway – solar is good, wind power is good, and tide, and thermal sound fantastic too. Australia should be leading the world in these matters, not reluctantly trailing behind.


15 thoughts on “Not much happening in the garden!

  1. I agree to some extent John. Certainly Senator Nick Xenophon doesn’t seem to think wind power is an answer, because of the cost of it. I don’t know enough about this though, and right now, my brain is in ‘savour that lovely sparkling shiraz’ mode, not work out the figures for power mode.

    Rockfords, in case anyone was wondering. Rockfords Sparkling Shiraz. A present to my dear husband for his recent birthday, and I’m lucky to get to share the loveliness of it too. A tasty, tasty drop of wine! Luscious and lovely.


  2. johnlmalone says:

    my lovely lady friend and I are fond of sparkling shirazes. I will look out for this one. thanx. btw you don’t get a commission from them, do you??? 🙂


  3. I don’t so any ‘sponsored posts’, not anymore. I did a few years ago, but had to give it away, writing fascinating things about things I had no knowledge of or interest in was challenging, and fun, up to a point, but then I went too far and was warned off it by the website owners.

    I talk up the quality of Rockfords Sparkling Shiraz because it is a fine Sparkling red wine, and I’d love more people to be able to enjoy it. It’s not cheap, but it’s certainly worth the money, in my opinion, and the opinion of many others.


  4. johnlmalone says:

    yes Carolyn. Hopefully next time. Hope it went well. I’m sure it did. Just got back from 3 days at Aldinga. Sometimes I don’t know where I’m living anymore 🙂


  5. Yes John, it went well. I’m not sure if you know our new regular poet at the Gawler Poets at the Pub event, and man named Martin Christmas. He’s a great guy, a good poet and fine photographer. If you don’t already know each other, I suspect you’d become friends, I hope so, anyway. I hope you can be at Gawler on the 30th of March!


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